Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Cat or Dog

Pet owners who purchase a cat or dog as an addition to the family should consider spaying or neutering to protect their pet and improve its overall health. Unless you are a licensed breeder, there is no real reason to avoid spaying or neutering your pet. With advancements in veterinary care, an animal hospital like Western Veterinary Group in Harbor City, CA. can perform this surgery efficiently and without too much pain following the procedure. There are now different methods available to perform this surgery that allow for smaller incisions and easier recovery time than in years past.

Benefits of this Surgery

Everyone knows that spaying and neutering helps prevent unwanted litters that often end up in overcrowded animal shelters because pet owners can't find anyone to take the puppies or kittens. Female cats spayed before the first heat cycle will have a greatly reduced risk of getting breast cancer and urinary tract infections. Neutering a dog eliminates the risk of testicular cancer and reduces the chance of having an enlarged prostate gland later in life. Your veterinarian can explain in detail how spaying or neutering affects your pet's overall health.

The Cost of Spaying or Neutering

Some pet owners say they avoid spaying or neutering because it's too expensive. However, if you consider the money you're saving you'll realize it's a wise investment. Unwanted litters are expensive to care for, and if your pet has problems during the pregnancy, you could end up with high vet bills. With a reduced risk of serious diseases, it's unlikely that you will need to pay for veterinarian treatments for feline or canine cancers.

At Western Veterinary Group in Harbor City, CA. you can also add on additional procedures while your pet is in for a spay or neuter. You can opt for bloodwork, a microchip, or additional fluids. It's cheaper and easier to do everything at once than to make separate appointments as the need arises. With pain medication provided after surgery, your pet will recover nicely and you can feel confident you did the best thing for its health.

Specials Services Staff