During this very difficult time, we are doing our very best to protect the clients and our staff from increased risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus. In the attempt to limit exposure and to accommodate the necessary social distancing mandate, there have been temporary changes to how we conduct our appointments. Please read the information below very carefully. Firstly, we ask that you call from the car when you arrive. Please wear a face mask, or some kind of face cover, when the technician comes out to retrieve your pet. Please step out of the car and hand the leash to the technician OR place the carrier on the ground. Your health and safety is our priority. The technician will bring your pet inside for the exam and then the doctor will call you to discuss their findings.

Secondly, please fill out the information below and email it back to us BEFORE your appointment.

Lastly, we will temporarily be taking payment for services over the phone after the treatment plan has been discussed and services rendered. Please be prepared to do this when the receptionist contacts you.

Your patience and understanding during this ever-evolving process is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for trusting us with your beloved pet’s health needs. Take care and stay safe!